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Amount-per-day column

When your sales are not items but services spread out over time, it can be difficult to keep track of how much you have delivered. One possible way in PowerBI, is to generate a list of days that the service lasts for each record, using PowerQuery, and then divide price over those days. But even with a few thousand original records, you soon end up with millions of rows and your model can get slow.


February 15, 2023

Forcing Visits to use SSL

Intro Doesn’t matter whether it’s a CakePHP app for a client, your own personal CMS, or any other web based application. If your passing around passwords or other sensitive info you should really implement SSL. SSL provides 2 main perks to your visitors. First it encrypts all communication that flies across the web. This prevents curious or devious billies from getting your secrets. Secondly it ensures to the user that your server is in fact who it claims, and not a nasty ‘man in the middle" attack.


January 1, 2009
Nifty tech tag lists fromĀ Wouter Beeftink